Friday, May 30, 2008


One of the best places on earth is Grammy and Lynndaddy's home in Heflin, AL. The land is so beautiful, but it is Grammy and Lynndaddy who have made it so special. Sam and I had the most incredible time. We slept with the windows open, had coffee in the morning on the screened in porch, watched movies, ate great food, and just enjoyed our conversations and time with my amazing grandparents.

Early morning views of their home

My favorite person in the world

The woods

Sam's black powder pistol

Guiness and Rosie

Me with my beloved Grammy and Lynndaddy

I can't wait to bring Matilda there, it is absolute heaven!

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GW said...

I thought I'd go back to your blog's first entries and try and read a few at a time so I can catch up! I really enjoy your writing and photos. I'm a gardener, too -- would you tell your grandparents their garden is being drooled over in my neck of the woods? They've made a haven there and it's beautiful. My husband and I want a place in the woods someday.