Thursday, May 8, 2008

Spring cleaning

So, I've decided to do a before and after piece. I've always loved these. I first developed my love of organization from a Berenstain Bears book. I loved the way their rooms looked after they cleaned them. Containers, and labels, and order oh my!

So, not the same as Berenstain bears, I wasn't quite as awed by my own feeble attempts. Let me say, however that it takes a real woman to be so vulnerable as to divulge her flaws for the internet world to see. Let me also say that I sincerely doubt that my friend Jessie or my neighbor/friend Christy have ever had a closet that looked like this in their life. So, without further ado...before....YIKES

and After....

When you live in a tiny cottage storage is definetly an issue. As you all can see this is a multi tasking linen closet that does not exactly fulfill my Martha Stewart hopes and dreams. Because I can still not do a perfect fold on a fitted sheet (my Mom can by the way) I decided to bundle sets of sheets and then put them in a recycled quilt bag. I also moved some of my gift closet items to the linen closet and organized my sweet husband's tools and household items such as light bulbs, putty, etc. All in all it's a step in the right direction. As we prepare for Matilda I am trying to get as much organizing and spring cleaning done as possible. I am so excited to tackle to nursery!

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update: the closet contains the same amount of things as before.


Jessie said...

I feel like a proud mom. A job well done.

skuttles said...

oh leslo, "the messy room" was my favorite book as a kid. i loved the peg board and how perfect everything was.