Thursday, June 26, 2008

Baby Registry 101

Again, I do not consider myself an expert on all things baby. I am just trying to learn as much as I can from the wonderful mamas around me. One of those is my sweet friend Emily who gave me a great list of suggestions when registering that I thought I would share...

Emily had her son Grant last August so she is very hip to what is neccesary and what isn't. I totally appreciate her advice because she is very no nonsense and practical, but totally fun as well.

First things first, things that her and her husband Brooks recommend:
    Bouncy Seat: one that vibrates, makes noise, great when they are newborns to get your hands free and for them to feel secure

    Activity mat: Great for "tummy time"

    Bumbo seat + snack tray: for feeding and holding them up before they can do it on their own

    Heart beat machine: mimics the womb, soothing

    Just for thought:

    Emily suggested stocking up on sheets, saying: "We have 5 crib sheets and have put as many as 3 at a time with mattress pads in between. The crib is no fun to make and they wet's easier at night to strip two layers than remake the crib!"

    A waterproof mat on top of the changing table pad cover for the same reason, and to keep you from changing the cover everyday.

    A bottle warmer "We love ours!"

    A monitor is a must, "you'll want more than one."

    Just for Mom (and Dad):

    Lansinoh brand nipple cream with Lanolin

    Lansinoh brand pads for nursing bra

    Avent nipple shield-"Good to have on hand if need."

    Small cooler for breast milk. "Mine was Playtex."

    Medela Electric Double Pump "$$$ but worth it!"

    Boppy Pillow for breast feeding, "but pillows work ok."

    Mylicon gas drops "Buy generic."

    Snacks! for hospital stay..."The food is okay, but takes some of your faves too!"

    Movies are great for husbands if there is a long hospital stay.

    I am going to be registering today and I can't thank Emily enough for her great advice!

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Anonymous said...

Two of Kelly's fav things when madi was little ws the boppy nursing pillow and the sit the the kid in the pic is sitting in. Great advice from your friend. JX

Anonymous said...

Hello, I read your blog, and thought I would make an excellent suggestion that I got for my friend... its a monitor with video camera a TV screen, its by summer... its a bit pricey, about 100.00 but it is a miracle worker!!!!! I suggest it to everyone I know!!!!