Sunday, June 8, 2008

CBS Sunday Morning Blog

I usually learn more in the hour and a half that I watch CBS Sunday Morning than I do all week. I am constantly trying to get my friends hooked. My parents introduced me to Sunday Morning when we were little and we would complain about watching it everytime and now I adore it.

It comes on from 9 AM to10:30AM eastern time on CBS.

Highlights from today's show:

-The first segment was on lists and how they are everywhere! They sell magazines (Men's Health showed they are a proven seller on the cover), they are in the movies (The Bucket List), and a growing collection of books based on Lists.

-Book reccomendation that has already been called the book of the year and won a Pulitzer prize! I would love to add The Brief Wonderous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz to my summer reading list.

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-Alanis Morissett Bio, can you believe "You Outta Know" came out in 1995????? She has a new cd coming out on tues., The Flavors or Entanglement. Most of the songs are based on her breakup with Ryan Reynolds. I can only imagine how devastating that had to have been. What a babe. She got her big break on You Can't do That on Television on Nickelodeon. She's won 7 Grammy's. She took time to go to India to find herself. She has suffered from anorexia and bulemia. She's gone from self-described angry to spiritual to funny. If you haven't seen her version of "My Humps" google it. Hilarious!

-The Belmont Stakes, Big Brown came in last, which was so sad because I really wanted him to win the Triple Crown. It has been 30 years since anyone has won the elusive award.

-Sunday Passage, Yves St Laurent passed away this week. He was 71 years old. He made the pant suit famous. His funeral was held in Paris.

Audrey Hepburn's husband,Mel Ferrer passed as well. He acted with her and directed her in Wait until dark. He was 90 years old.

Bo Diddley passed away at the age of 79. He cornered the market with his signature, "The Diddley beat". He was an inspiration to The Who, the Rolling Stones, and many more.

-Bad boy of cooking Anthony Bourdain profile. He hosts No Reservations. He travels all over the world and eats the most disgusting things...seal eye, porcupine, wart hog. I read once that his favorite dive was The Clairmont Lounge. He got his first restaurant job at 17. He went to culinary school after seeing the chef at his restaurant having sex with a bride during her reception. He was addicted to heroine. He liked the idea of doing the scariest drug in the room. It took him 8 years to get off it. He wrote an article exposing the restaurant industry and then they expanded the article in to the book Kitchen Confidential. Don't eat fish on mondays. He just became a father to a beautiful little girl.

Don't forget next Sunday is Father's day!


fattycakes said...

You know you don't have to convince me of the wonders of Sunday Morning! I adore it too (and just finished watching it)! No Sunday is complete without.

homemade grits said...

jorjor, i did not know of your fattycakesness! hope the craft fair was awesome. i love that we can catch up on our favorite moments to soften the blow of mondays!

GW said...

Hi, there! I found your blog while searching for more information about today's edition of CBS Sunday Morning. I know, it's easier to go to their website, but sometimes it's fun to find bloggers' reactions first. Our DVR is set to record this gem every week. Bill Geist just tickles me to death. And we always learn something new. I really enjoyed your post -- consider me a fan!