Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Restaurant review: Sam and Dave's BBQ 2 vs Williamson Bros BBQ

On a recommendation from a neighbor, Sam and I tried out Sam and Dave's BBQ 2 on saturday. To be fair I must forewarn you that I am a HUGE bbq fan and a picky one at that. Sam and Dave's is located off Whitlock in the old World's Gym parking lot. It is a bit sad now that the gym is a large vacant area and parking lot. Sam and Daves was bright and sunny with red and white tablecloths and a clean environment. There were the token plastic pigs and large bbq trophies adorned with golden pigs (just in case you forget what you're eating).

I ordered the jumbo (what?) pork sandwich and Sam got the platter which came with 2 sides, his choice: fries and baked beans. The bbq was pretty good. There was a lot of dark meat and the meat was chunky instead of shredded, adding for a messy and hard to eat sandwich. The sandwich did come on 2 large pieces of buttery texas toast which was a nice addition. Sam thought the beans were a little on the sweet side, but good nonetheless. One thing I liked was that there were two types of bbq sauce, one sweet one mild.

I would give Sam and Dave's a 3 out of 5 pigs.

update from my neighbor Erik:Lesley, Lesley, Lesley. I like the blog, I read it when I get the chance and I'm almost always entertained. I must disagree about the Bar-B-Que though. YOU GUYS DIDN'T EAT THE RIBS! Go back one more time, have the St.Louis Style with a side of mac'n'cheese, and maybe some fried okra and I guarantee at least 4 1/2 out of 5 pigs.

I will however recommend with 5 honkin' pigs Williamson Bros. BBQ. It has been a long time favorite and never dissapoints!
The atmosphere is down home and woodsy and the bbq cannot be beat. We met Grammy and Lynndaddy at their house and added my Aunt Kim and Uncle Alan to the caravan and headed over to Williamson Bros. My craving was born writing this review. I was a happy lady with my large pink lemonade, pork sandwich, and fries. Everyone loved what they got. The brunswick stew and onion straws are also a must. Bonus, you can also get their signature bbq sauce at your neighborhood Kroger or Whole Foods.

ps. the meat turner at Williamson Bros was so happy to pose for this picture!

Happy eating!

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Mario said...

I will have to take my mother there. We are BBQ freaks and usually eat it every weekend. Last weekend was Fat Matts where I had a pork sandwhich, chips and an order of Rum Baked Beans! YUMMY.

Anonymous said...

no,no,no lesley. i told you, the BEST bbq in town is in Roswell "Spiced Right". It is hands down the best fried okra i have ever had, and i dont like fried okra. The music just makes it even better on fri-sat nights. Blues nights. Jessie X

homemade grits said...

spiced right sounds divine, as does fried okra. i need to eat breakfast!