Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sex and the City Movie Fashion

So, unless you've been living in a deep dark hole you are aware of the Sex and the City movie. I have to say I did love the movie, but to me the visual aspect was far more appealing than even the plot itself (also good). I waited with fingers curled around my face for every scene to unfold, digesting every piece of fabric and sparkling accessory. I'm sure the movie will spark several trends...

Predicted trends

The studded belt is destined to appear on the waists of fashionistas everywhere. The belt was used on almost every character in almost every scene! The exact belt is now available for pre-order on Patricia Field's website.

Another trend I noticed was menswear (I feel like these trends will pop up around fall where most of the movie took place):

Thigh highs: (inspired by Gossip Girl???)

Only time will tell if I'm right...

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Ashley & Scott Boatman said...

AAAAHHHHH!!! i love thigh high socks. i have so many pairs but i usually wear them in secret under my jeans in the winter...maybe this trend will unleash them to the rest of the world. here's hoping.

homemade grits said...

love it! secret thigh highs...i bet scott loves it! hopefully we'll see you on saturday:)