Thursday, July 10, 2008


My neighbor Melissa has been struggling with acute leukemia for almost a year. She has been through so much pain going through procedure after procedure as well as chemo. She has maintained such a positive outlook on life despite the challenges she has faced. Her husband Ben has been such a strong man of faith throughout their ordeal, supporting her every step of the way. Melissa was recently told that there was no cancer present in her body. After much negative news, this was a miracle. The doctors confess that the cancer may return, but Melissa remains hopeful. They have really inspired me in their struggle to stay strong and never give up hope. They credit their faith in God in getting them through the past year.

You can read her story here.

Ben combing Melissa's hair! Her hair has grown so much since this picture.

Here are some pictures of Ben and Melissa's beautiful, tropical garden. Full of lush banana trees, hibiscus, and beautiful roses.

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dana said...

i don't know who they are but that is such wonderful news!! i hope the pain will leave her and will not return. oh and their yard...amazingly beautiful!!