Monday, July 28, 2008

My green-themed shower

Yesterday I had my first baby shower. It was a green-themed shower at my dear friend Emily's house. It was given by Emily and Jodi:

It was a perfect afternoon with beautiful flowers and friends and lots of wonderful memories. Emily and Jodi had the best ideas, they are so creative:

Emily made the adorable puppets and used baby jars covered in pink paper to hold the flowers which doubled as party favors!

A birdhouse full of wisdom from all the guests, written on paper made from recycled coffee sweet!

The food was incredible...chicken salad, green bean casserole, fruit, and my favorite crisp made by Jodi.

The lovely ladies sitting on Emily's lovely porch.

Look at my beautiful presents. The gift wrappings were even "green." The presents were wrapped in old newspapers, food jar wrappings, and just simply boxes with no wrapping paper.

Jordan came with a bundle of adorable fattycakes gifts. They were a huge hit!

I received the sweetest, most thoughtful gifts. From organic onesies to a diaper pail full of all my cloth diapering needs from my Mama. I was given the most beautiful clothes, toys, bottles, baby care items, all environmentally friendly!!! One of the most touching moments was when I opened my gift from several of my co-workers past and present, of a newborn photo session with Katy's Mama, Kerry Halasz. She takes beautiful pictures and I couldn't believe that they had done that!

Lucy remembered my post on Lou and Lee, how cute will Matilda be???

Bebe, Aunt Rachel, and me

sweet friends

Thank you to everyone who came and made it such a special day for me, and thank you especially to Emily and Jodi.

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Anonymous said...

oh my gosh what cute baby shower ideas!!!