Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Gear for cloth diapering

My friend Becky sent me an educated email concerning cloth diapering. She highly recommended the pocket diapers (ie Fuzzibunz, Bumgenius, etc). I am using a combination of pocket diapers, prefolds with covers, and "hybrid" diapers aka G-diapers. I also registered for Seventh Generation diapers for back up. As I get to try all of these different types I will give y'all my honest feedback. Until then...

Here is some advice from Becky:

Most of my stash is Fuzzybunz, but I also like swaddlebees and BumGenious. Swaddlebees run really sm and probably would have worked as a newborn diaper, my size sm Fuzzybunz lasted until 6months, but now my size m are too long.

Go ahead and order yourself some Allen's Naturally Laundry detergent, I was only able to find it online, but it is on all the diapers' approved list of detergents.

Consider line drying your covers to prolong their life.

{You need:}
2 waterproof pail liners
Several waterproof zipper bags for on the go
Place to line/sun dry covers
Baking Soda, Vinegar for periodic stripping or stain removal of inserts (shouldn't be a problem if you stay away from creams and if you sun dry-natural bleach)
cloth wipes and warmer-we LOVE ours! :)

I ordered lots of stuff from - she is local and has been super fast and friendly with all my orders, she doesn't carry fuzzibunz any more b/c you can order directly from the site. You can even register on her site! :)

Thanks for all of the advice Becky! It's so great to have Mom friends...

In researching water proof bags, I came across Petunia's Icky Bags on etsy. They are adorable and functional. You can use them for dirty diapers, wet swimsuits, grubby clothes, basically anything "icky". Genius!

This is my pick!

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