Sunday, August 3, 2008

In the garden: End of July/Beginning of August

I may have neglected my garden, but my garden has not neglected me. I am always amazed at the surprises I get by staring deep in to my little garden lands. There is always something new blooming, growing, spreading, climbing. It is my greatest pleasure to spend time there. Here is what is happening now:

July=Gladiolas. I wasn't sure they would come back, but here they are in their orange glory...

Finally, my Hollyhock bloomed. I love the chocolate color...a seed gift from my Aunt Kim.

It has a weird fungus on it...

The front garden is filling out quite nicely.

Russian sage and lantana spread their wings.
My cosmos bloomed! Second seed to work this season!!

Here they are up close.


I love these little toadstools.

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