Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I gave 90210 vs 2.0 a second chance last night and woof. The acting is soooo bad and the plot is less than gripping.

Nose flare girl finds out her Dad is cheating only to tell her Mom and have her Mom say she already knows...typical (after receiving a Mercedes SUV as a consolation for her father bailing on her)

Silver sleeps in shelters to avoid her drunk mother...only to have her new "best friends" help her out...

Lines like I'm feeling Nobu and I want to be the next Spencer made throw up rise in my mouth. It's like they're trying to stay relevant, and then they reference Coldplay and Lucky Strike...

I also noticed that miss Brenda was missing from this episode. Poor Jennie Garth. She's so adorable, Tori stay away!

If this show makes it to next season I'll be shocked.

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Mario said...

I love it when we loathe the same things!