Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Inspiration that I will rely on tomorrow

Here are some things that I'll store in my heart and mind as my body prepares to give Matilda over to this world.

1. Sure it hurts, of course it hurts. Of course I wanted to quit and give-up, but that's when the angels enter in and somehow the pain and suffering is all worth it. In fact as I sit here and type this, I don't remember the pain--funny, since I seriously thought I was going to die during it all.

source: nienie

2. My friend Jodi saying, "YOU GO GIRLLLLL!!!!!!!"

3. Jessie telling me how tough I am and that she knows I can do it!

4. Sam's face when he meets her for the first time. I know that will be incredibly emotional for me.

5. The faces of all of the wonderful mothers that I know, especially my Mom. Matilda is going to have some wonderful grandparents. Bebe and Poppy.

6.I will picture my lovely family. Knowing that Matilda's aunt and uncle are cheering us on!

7. Children are such a gift from God... a gift that wears us out and builds us up all at the same time!

My Pastor Kris and his family inspire me.

I will store all of the sweet words from friends and family, all of the encouragement over this pregnancy has been incredible. Thank you so much. I can't wait for her to meet all of the people that make our world so blessed.

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Anonymous said...

We are all excited for you and Sam! We cannot wait to meet the newest addition to our family. She will be blessed to have you two for parents.
We are praying for you.
Judy, Brett, Leah, Drew and Anna

Anonymous said...

I wasn't able to sleep last night!! I am anxiously awaiting news...... love you tons!!!! I've been praying for you!

Erin said...

Tearing up reading this. Especially the part about Sam seeing her for the first time. Oh my goodness... :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mamma- I hope she is everything you ever thought and more. She is incredibly lucky to have you as a mother, as I am incredibly lucky to have met you at Anthro. Thank you for being a true light everytime I saw you. I wish you and Sam the best, and may God always bless you and your newbie with lots of happiness, great health and success! I will truly miss you! Best of luck and congrats! All my love and wishes -Andrea :) email me when you get a spare time...aka next year!

Mario said...

MaMa Leslie!
I am so happy for you and Sam. She is such a cutie!!! A new sweet little face has been sent to our world and it is a better place for it.