Monday, September 8, 2008

You know you've made it when...

You got your own dolls! Look at these dolls my adorable cousin Anna created to look like me and Sam!

Brilliant creation of my belly with Matilda inside!

These pictures made me laugh so hard.

photos courtesy of:Rachel's flickr

© copyright homemade grits


Anonymous said...

Hi Leslie,

I love the look alike dolls Anna
made for you. She showed them to us
at the reunion and I laughed so hard. Just had to send you a note
to let you know that I am enjoying
your blog so much. I can keep in
touch with you, Sam, Matilda and
all of the Downey Family. I have
gotten to see pictures I normally
would not have seen. Just love it.
We missed you & Sam at the reunion,
but oh so wonderful to see Rachel.
She is beautiful. Love to all,
"Aunt" Jean

homemade grits said...

Hi Aunt Jean! I was so happy to hear from you! Sam and I missed getting to see everyone yesterday, especially you! I'm so glad that you read my blog, I love that.

Rachel is beautiful and I'm so glad y'all got to see each other.

Love you so much and hope to see you soon when this little booger gets here!

Kellee said...

Ha!! That's awesome! You have such a creative family!