Saturday, October 25, 2008

The french toast smells gooooood

Sam just whipped up some french toast and I can't wait to devour it. We love cooking breakfast for's one of our things. We had the loveliest day, although we didn't quite take advantage of the amazing fall weather like we should have. We started off the morning at New York Deli on the square. We met Mom, Dad, Grandmother and Grandaddy, who are in town to meet Matilda. It's one of my favorite lunch spots. My pick is the Vinings BLT with fresh cut fries and half sweet tea (in case you were wondering!). The atmosphere is really nice and great for men, it boasts several flat screen tvs, and the service is amazing. We've been there several times and the food comes out fast and the employees are so friendly and they work so hard to keep the restaurant clean (which I also love).

Here is a picture of Grandmother and Matilda, I got a little fancy with my iBook:

Afterwards we met Andy, Claire, and Kate at our house. I'm so happy Claire is in town and it was so great to visit with all of them. We had some great laughs and very polite political discussions. I have to say, I can't wait until the election is OVER! Anyways,we had a blast and I love them all. Claire, Kate, and I have been friends since they were born. I was at the hospital both times and it's a rare and beautiful thing.

Now Sam and I are going to watch a movie that I think personifies our life right now...American Gangster.

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Kate said...

we had fun! i love that girl!