Monday, November 17, 2008

Cardiologist appointment

Never did I ever envision myself taking our sweet Matilda to a cardiologist. When you dream of having children those scary thoughts don't usually make there way in to your head, or atleast you try not to worry about bad things or illnesses. After hearing her murmur, I made an appointment for us to take Matilda to the heart doctor. I dreaded it all weekend even though I felt pretty good that nothing serious was wrong. Thankfully after being attached to a bundled set of wires and an extensive ultrasound we heard the wonderful news that Tilda had a common infant murmur. Phew, what an amazing relief and answer to prayer. It got me thinking about all of the parents that have children with severe health problems and it gave me a feeling of such enormous love and appreciation for those hard working parents. I can't imagine the toll it takes to bring your most loved children to doctors appointment after appointment and feeling the incredible weight of worry at all times.

photo courtesy of Jessica Mahady

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Erin said...

Praise The Lord!!!!