Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Creative gift wrap

As much as I like to be eco friendly, there is something amazing about a beautifully wrapped present. I love presentation in gift giving (sorry Jennifer, I will redeem myself!) and in all areas. My Mom always taught me the specialness of taking care to pay attention to details. She is amazing at setting tables, wrapping, pretty much everything!

Take everyday items around the house and turn them in to gorgeous gifties:

Wrap wine bottles in kitchen towels...this is a great hostess gift!

Children's gifts beg to be open when tied with a jump rope.

A classic stand by: newspaper and comic books pages. A great way to recycle your sunday paper.

I love this, recycled calendar pages. Great for your boss or anyone on your list.

Ideas taken from Real Simple

I love handmade goodies for neighbors and co-workers. Here are some fun and easy ways to dress them up:

Sweeten the deal with these adorable folded cones.

Old cans, sewing string, and burlap make these goodies irresistible and so charming.

Brown lunch bags get an update with pretty ribbon and handmade labels.

Ideas taken from Martha Stewart

For the eco-friendly there are numerous creative options:

Take shipping materials and turn them in to one cute package.

Run outside and grab some greenery for this festive idea.

Ideas taken from Tri-Country

Splurge on beautiful, eye catching wrapping paper and add layered ribbons for a dramatic affect:

Wrapping paper from The Container Store

Country Living

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