Thursday, December 18, 2008

Holiday baking

Today I spent the better part of the day baking treats for my neighbors and spending time with my lovely friend Kate. The mission was holiday baking and the mission was completed.

I decided to make cake pops after being completely inspired by Bakerella. Then I saw a post that Bread and Honey did on cake balls, which seemed a little more my speed. I loved the pink with the white, lovely. Finally I saw on Pioneer Woman a cookie recipe with white chocolate covered cookies dipped in crushed peppermint, thus formed the birth of...

Peppermint Cake Balls

Here are the ingredients:

A box of Vanilla Cake Mix

A can of vanilla or cream cheese frosting

Gel food coloring (optional)


White chocolate chips

Make the cake following the instructions on the box. Pretty impossible to screw up.

Remove cake and allow to cool completely. Don't rush it.

After letting the cake cool take it out and let it chill a little longer on a cooling rack.

Then crumble the cake with your's fixing to get fun! "Fixing to" is something southerners say with abandon. Get over it.

Take that whole can of icing (fat free of course as long as I'm concerned) and mix it with the cake until it's creamy.

Kate got in on the messy part, rolling bite sized balls of cake.

Place the balls on parchment paper on a cookie sheet and pop them in the freezer for an hour.

Then take the peppermint candies...

and put them in a plastic bag and hit them really hard with a mallot. Great holiday stress reducer. Try it.

Pretty little pieces of peppermint.

Now take those sweet little chocolate chips and nuke em. You can also use a double broiler, but I'm not that fancy.

Mix them until they are good and creamy.

Now toss, twirl, roll the beautiful balls of cake in the chocolate.

Sprinkle (one of my favorite words) these little gems with the peppermint you worked so hard to crush.

et voila!

They're good. Really good.

Sam thought they were pretty awesome.

Then it was bath time and sleepy time. Matilda loves her pjs from Anna.

Thank you Kate for a wonderful day and for helping me roll little messy balls of cake. Love you.

© copyright homemade grits


Kate said...

i had so much fun with you and the little lady! i can't wait to retry the cake balls tomorrow!

Claire said...

Ummmm, KATE KIEFER is trying balls of cake with PEPPERMINT on them? I won't believe it till I see it.

p.s. Matilda looks AWESOME in that last pic.

anna burns said...

YAY, she looks so cute!!!!!

i wish i was your neighbor!

eitak said...

these look delightful! i may have to try 'em out :)
hope that you guys are doing well and have a great weekend and Christmas!!
Matilda is getting so big!

bonjouritsjinah said...

hey lady! i finally had the chance to peek at your blog!! these look so delish. hope you're feeling better.