Monday, December 8, 2008

It's beginning to look a little more like Christmas

Like I promised, Sam and I got our tree yesterday. A perfectly proportioned tree that my Sam personally picked out. We started the morning as always with a big breakfast and a dose of CBS Sunday Morning and then we headed out in to the freezing cold to work on the outside. Sam gracefully trimmed back the dead plants and tidied up the porch. We threw out our lingering pumpkins and got to work on the decorations. We picked out these swag lights last Christmas and I was so excited to put them up. We had a little trouble figuring out how they worked...

Then we headed over to Mom and Dad's and I stayed with Mom, Rach, and Tilda while we put the boys in charge of picking out the trees.

{I love this picture of Jake}

After a delightful family lunch, which included doritos and oreos (sticking to my diet you see) we went to take care of the final details. We trimmed the tree and our house.

{mmmm cupcake}

{Rachel and Lesley ornaments}

{Guinness got in on the action}

{Merry Christmas~ Love the Grahams)

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Christy Harrison said...

glorious!!! it all looks perfect!, for that toddy...


hiking in stilettos said...

Les, it looks beautiful! I love those swag lights outside, and the tree is so adorable with all the Anthro ornaments! Also, you look great. That sweater is really cute, too. :)

Shahrzad Baber said...

your decorations look so beautiful! i love your blog, it inspires me to decorate, also i hope i look as great as you 3 months after i have my baby!

Kellee said...

It looks great!! I love your little family picture! Merry Christmas!!!!!

carol at A Second Cup said...

Oh how beautiful your house looks inside and out. Your tree has interesting ornaments. How did you make the cupcake?

homemade grits said...

Dear Shahrzad,

Thank you so much, you are so kind! Hope you and that baby are doing great.

Dear Carol,

I wish I could take credit. I collect Anthropologie ornaments.