Saturday, December 27, 2008

Miracles are all around us

One of my best friends in the whole world, Jessie, and her husband Travis spent the last year trying to conceive. All of the emotional highs and lows that come when you decide to start a family are hard to even describe. They prayed, we all prayed for Jessie to be able to get pregnant. The hunger for a baby growing stronger every day. Then on Thanksgiving when another months hope was squashed Jessie decided that maybe they were praying for the wrong thing.

Jessie knew she wanted a big family, but maybe God had a different idea of what that may look like. Travis and Jessie began thinking about other options. Adoption had been something they both wanted to experience, they had not planned on adopting right away but had always seen it in their future. They both have such big, open hearts and had a strong desire to share that with less fortunate children. So, their journey took a turn this Thanksgiving and without talking to many people they began quietly starting the adoption process. Anxiously they began preparing their home for inspection, meeting with agents, and waiting for the next step. Jessie told me that she felt things were moving rapidly, but didn't want to get her hopes up. After all there are many things that can draw out the adoption process, making it take months or even years. As I drove to work on Monday we talked about it. I teared up thinking about their dream of having children finally coming true. When I hung up the phone with Jessie I had no idea what to expect and I prayed against more heartbreak and sadness.

This Christmas Eve (a time for miracles I always say) I received a phone call from Jessie as we drove in the misty rain to my Aunt Karen's. She quickly and excitedly announced that I was going to be an aunt. They had received a call that they were going to be parents and their baby had been found. As you can imagine, the emotions ran the gamete. With little more that a pack on onesies left over from my baby shower they booked their flight to Las Vegas to meet their son. He is a perfect gift from God, the best Christmas present they'll ever receive.

Born December 22, 2008
Six lbs One oz
Nineteen inches

Welcome to the world sweet baby Xayaseng (they are still deciding on a name)

Please keep them all in your prayers as they finalize the adoption and return home. We will be preparing for their arrival. If you would like to help in any way please email me at

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Christy Harrison said...

How amazing! That is so so wonderful, and I am in tears reading this. I'm so glad for them... please pass along my congratulations and love!

Claire said...

I love tiny and adorable baby X. Hugs and kisses and congratulations to mama Jessie!!