Sunday, December 7, 2008

Today's Lesson

Sunday is a good day for lessons. I always try to learn and grow in my walk with God. I'm constantly trying to be better, a better daughter, a better sister, a better wife, a better mom, a better friend, a better employee. Anyways, this week has been pretty funny. I think lessons can be funny too. One day this week I was happily ringing up two customers. One of the customers had just sung my praises to a manager, I was feeling pretty good about myself. I had gotten several compliments that day on my ensemble. I was a happy girl. Then it happened, the question I was hoping to never hear..."So, when is your baby due?". The record scratches and I'm jolted back in to reality. "Excuse me?" I say and the question is repeated. I can see her face blush as I say, "Oh twelve weeks ago" and then I showed her Matilda's picture. She said she was so embarrassed and I lied and said I wasn't offended. I went home and cried to my Mom and Sam and anyone who would listen. I kept saying, "No one should ask that question unless they are 105% sure. No one should ask period."

Part two: The Lesson

So...the very next day, one of my favorite customers comes in. "Oh hello _____" I say, then I proceeded to pat her tummy and ask, "How are you feeling? When is the baby due?" to which _____ responds, "I had him a week ago." The record scratches again and I realize her friend is strolling her little baby. My face turned 50 shades of red.

A. Why would I touch her?
B. Why would I repeat the mistake I was just complaining about?
C. Why would I wish such mortification on myself? Is mortification a word?

Lessons learned: I won't be so hard on people. We all make mistakes. I will never touch another woman's belly again. I will never ask when a woman is due unless I know they're pregnant.


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Krizzle said...

good job seeing through the embarassment on all ends. Working in retail is so good for teaching you about how to treat others. Maybe I'll stop in before Christmas (and pretend that I can afford something that isn't on the clearance rack)

Christy Harrison said...

i think i just peed myself! so funny! i always think that when something like that happens to me, it's God's way of reminding me to be humble. humility is a less that i always seem to be learning.

ps... you're beautiful!

jodi Kendall said...

Oh my gosh that is hilarious. I knew the first part of the lesson but hadn't yet heard the second. It's so funny how things like that happen.... oh and I appreciate your use of the "record scratches." Brills!!

Angela said...

What a great lesson/post, I've been asked one too many times (even at my 10 year lowest b/w kids) to even consider asking anyone else!! It could be blaringly obvious, but until the mama in questions mentions it, I dont speak!!

Curious as to what retail establishment it is you work!!

Claire said...

It has happened to me TWICE before. omg. Freaks.

Anonymous said...

This has happened to me three times in my life....women asking me if I am prego. It amazes every time. However I do think it is funny you asked the lady. You look wonderful and beautiful. JX

Claire said...

omg the fact that Jessie's been asked three times makes me feel tremendously better! If people ask JESSIE if she's pregs, that means the rest of us aren't fat, haha!

Kellee said...

This totally made me laugh and cry!
It felt like FORever before I finally lost my preggers belly!!!! (That's one of those things people don't tell you about before you get pregnant!) You need know you are, in fact, beautiful, and your body WILL get back its normal shape soon!