Friday, January 9, 2009

Birthday wishes...

So, my birthday is not until next month and this is just a dream wish....but I need a new rug. Need...ok maybe not, I want a new rug for my living room and for Matilda's knees once she starts scootin' around. I really want a pink and white zig zag rug, but Sambo said no:(.

If it's not pink it has to be stripes: chevron, bold, zig zag...

apartment therapy

I also enjoy lovely prints, my living room is full of pattern and why not add some more?




and the finishing touch will be my Christmas present, which is arriving in the morning...

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Maria said...

OK Leslie. You and I need to pow wow on how you got Sam to embrace the cuteness that is your home style. Joe is soo conservative and I am trying to introduce him to things that are not dark green, navy and burgundy. Ahh the pain.