Monday, January 26, 2009

Busy little bees

This weekend was such a combination of fun times with friends, celebrating, and hitting the pillow hard every night! Jessica, Keely, and I threw a shower for Jessie and Logan with the help of my sweet Mom and her beautiful home. My mom lives in the house she grew up in. The house is sprinkled with old world charm and beautiful details, courtesy of my isanely talented Lynndaddy, who put up the most beautiful and elaborate crown molding and handcrafted doors that most people have ever seen. There are so many nooks and crannies to discover throughout the home. I love being in that house. It was the backdrop to the shower, which had a "Blending of cultures" theme. The girls and I combined the cultures of all three of the Xayaseng family members.

We had food from the Phillipines, such as the above vegetarian tamales (delicious!).

Expert Jessica sliced the fruit for the ice ring we made for the Champagne Punch.

I was in charge of the decor. I made pompoms in bright sunny colors per Jessica request! She wanted the colors of the sun because Logan is Jessie's son. haha.

Waaay past their bedtimes!

I made "fun fact" cards for the tables with interesting facts about Laos (where Travis is from), America (where Jessie is from), and the Phillipines (Logan's heritage).

Champagne Punch with Tangerine Sorbet (mmmmmm)

The guests of honor!

String of baby photos, courtesy of the guests.

Christy, Kathleen, and Matilda

For more pictures and more "behind the scenes" click here.

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Anonymous said...

What amazing friends I have. Now I am craving the food and the yummy punch!!!! I love you guys :) JX