Friday, January 9, 2009

Hello Brown Rice Cereal

My ever "saves the day" Mama dropped off some organic brown rice cereal for Matilda's nighttime bottle. All of my friends had sung their praises of cereal at night for longer sleepy goodess. So, I thought "Oh heck yeah I'll try it" and so I did...

Matilda slept for NINE hours!!! NINE! Sweet dreams.

happy baby food

disclaimer: add an insert for the nightime cloth diaper. the cereal packs a whallop!

ps No one warned me about the four month wakeful period. Some kind of friends you are;)

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Angela said...

Glad you guys got some relief!

Chad and Jenny said...

My sister is a frequent of your blog and she sent me a link to the cereal post you made. I have a three month old who has never slept through the night and as of lately, has been up SERVERAL times a night. She must have known that I had a rough last couple of nights when she sent me the link because my husband and I were pondering whether or not to add the cereal. I hope it works for us as well. I am glad to know that there are other moms out there that are just trying to figure it out too! :)

homemade grits said...

Hey there! If I can help anyone who is as crazy as I was from lack of sleep then I've done my job. Hope it works for you and that you get some rest so that you can really enjoy that little peanut:)

homemade grits said...

Thanks Angela and thank you for your great advice:)