Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Long Lost Sleep

Hello sleep. It's been a long time.

Yesterday at work I started hallucinating when I was staring at the bed we have so beautifully decorated and I realized there was a major problem. Sam picked me up from work and after telling him I was going insane and that he didn't want me to be insane because that wouldn't be any fun, he offered like a true gentleman to "take one for the team." After celebrating some good news my family at our favorite haunt, I came home, turned off the monitor, and said goodnight. From 8:30 pm until 4 am I slept like a tiny baby should until a harried Sam stormed the room with a crying, hungry Matilda and a confused Guinness. He was exhausted, I was already feeling better (even though I would have loved a few more hours of delicious, uninterrupted sleep) so I took that little monkey and fed her and within minutes ALL three of them were snoring and I couldn't go back to sleep for the life of me. I toted that little angel to her crib and within minutes she was cawwing and clucking and cooing and squealing and then screaming. She was like that until 6! HELP!!!!!
Then I fed her and curled her up next to me and she's still's after 9am.


My Christmas wish has still not come true:(

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Anonymous said...

This is SUCH a hard time. My daughter didn't sleep through the night until she was 13 months, literally the night I stopped breastfeeding her back to sleep. I was a total mess for an entire year. Crying, depressed, but still loving her. It does get better and MUCH, MUCH easier. I promise! And I'm from Marietta, too. My mom still lives there and owns Casabella, a store on Roswell Road.

Best wishes!

homemade grits said...

What a small world! Thank you so much for the encouragement. Hopefully it won't be thirteen months. Whoa...

Angela said...

It is a hard time, and it WILL end, just maybe not when or how you want it to. I really fretted over this with Landon, b/c I felt it was due to my parenting choices to breastfeed or co-sleep. I've realized thats kinda maybe just what some babies do - not sleep, as I've now met lots of moms from all parenting walks whose babies dont sleep through. Im not counting on regular sleep for a few more years, cause it always seems to be something with one of them!

Maybe bringing her to bed after she wakes up the first time or two might help you to get more sleep? It may not help with the nightwaking, but it will make it alot easier in the short run.

I hope you can find some peace about this, whatever happens. You are such a fantastic mama, and you really seem to be doing a great job of keeping it all together!

hiking in stilettos said...

Les, you are doing a great job. Unfortunately, I can't offer great advice like your other comments, but I can tell you that you are amazing. You are working, commuting, mothering, wifeying, familying, and friending, and you look fabulous. I love you. xoxo

Claire said...

That is an AMAZING picture of Matilda. I want it framed.