Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happiness is...

I start every day with coffee and end it with tea. Right now I love Trader Joe's Peppermint Herbal Tea.

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My favorite color is chartreuse. I love it.

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My favorite noise is Matilda's laugh. It makes my entire heart expand.

Perfect evenings include chips and salsa and margaritas at La Parilla with my family.

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I don't leave the house without mascara.

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I like workout gear better than working out. I'm terrible at it.

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I love vacationing, but hate traveling (airports, long car rides). Hence all the staycations.

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I watch way too much tv about high schooleres.

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My current hobbies are: scrapbooking and blogging.

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I love fashion, but give in to comfort. My Uggs still make me happy.

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I wish that I could really knit. If I could I would make these:

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Being a wife and mother makes me feel fulfilled. I've never been a career woman, but I always wanted a family of my own.

What are your favorite things?

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Lia Dominique Andress said...

That was wonderful! Thank you for sharing.
- Lia

anonymously chic said...

good ideas...maybe i'll post some of my favorite things as soon as i can narrow down a list!

Claire said...

good strong coffee, wine, teaching, babies, huge salads, designer makeup, high high heels, French hip hop, big gold earrings, tanning on the beach, game nights with friends or family, handwritten letters, listening to little kids speak other languages, family time--and I mean my family and yours :)

homemade grits said...

claire, i love your love of coming up with lists. i love you and your creative heart (kids speaking other languages is one of my faves too! and wine...oh wine!). Let's catch up!

kate said...

this post was one of my favorite things today!

Claire said...

I know, I love lists! My current infatuation is this List book I saw at the bookstore that has lists you write about love . . . I'm counting on it being half off after V-Day. :)