Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy 5 Months my girl!

Dear Matilda,

Your five month birthday has come and gone. Let's just say it gets a little tricky to keep up with cataloguing every moment when your spending all your time enjoying the present one. With you every day is special. I love kissing you and playing horsey and laughing and watching your new little things you're learning. You smile more and more everyday. You brow is getting less and less furrowed;). You love playing with your car seat toys. I listen to you tugging on your chiming snail toy from Keely and the crunching of your elephant toy from Maria. You light up our lives Matilda Louise. I worry every day that you don't know just how much I love you, but I look forward to telling you over and over again. Thank you for being the best gift I've ever received.

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