Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Rainy days are my favorite.

Today I will relish in the fact that it is raining (not safe to go out, must stay in and be lazy with Matilda), that I have the day off, that I am so blessed by the people in my life.

Yesterday Sam and I were recovering from a sleepless night with Til. Poor booboo had a tummy ache and cried all night. I hate feeling helpless when she's upset. After work I called Mom to see what her and Dad's dinner plans were and she had made a full delicious dinner for Sam and I to take home. Spaghetti (to die for), bread sticks (yum!), and salad (tasty!). I also got to see Grammy and Lynndaddy who brought us a framed painting that Lynndaddy had done of me and Matilda. I would have burst in to tears if our friendly contractor Ted had not been in the room (that would have been awkward). It is the sweetest painting. Will post pictures later.

After we got home we stuffed our faces, watched LOST, and crashed (luckily not on a crazy island, in our heavenly bed).

Sam and I need advice on where to go on vacation...we're saving up for a trip and would love suggestions.

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Christy said...

Charolette is nice and artsy, but Savannah has good shopping and nearby Tybee if you need some sand!

Claire Kiefer said...

1. Baby M is making SUCH a Sam expression in this picture--haha! Her face looks just like his here!

2. Vacation! Do you wanna go somewhere beachy or somewhere more urban? Of course I'm gonna suggest San Francisco (with a promised drive down to San Luis Obispo or Carmel/Monterey for some warm beaches!) . . . but also Mexico (Cabo!), and let me just say I had SO much fun in Vegas this past weekend. ;) Hotels in Vegas are very cheap, btw, and free drinks at the casinos all day and night. :)

Stacee said...

I would go to Kauai! We went there two years ago and it was absolutely amazing. If you like good beaches there is one on every corner plus the scenery is breathtaking! We want to go back to Kauai again since we liked it so much!

homemade grits said...

ooooh you guys are fancy! i would love a hawaiin, california, or mexico trip! savannah is one of my faves too!

AvesMom said...

St. George Island is a mellow place if you wanted to drive.... it is on the "forgotten coast" of Florida-- but the beaches are great for a little one (flat, soft sand) and mellow water. They have alot of sea turtles hatching and dolphins swim VERY close to you..