Sunday, March 29, 2009

Craft of the day: Owl Pincushion

Just because I think that kindness should be rewarded, this little owl will be making it's nest elsewhere. While I have him for a little while longer here is his evolution. Cheers!

I've never tried my hand at anything stuffed. The first little guy didn't make it.

This base ended up being way too big (there was no pattern).

Help, I can't see.

Sleep with one eye opeeeen.


source: moonstitches

© copyright homemade grits


Arlynn said...

I love this!!! Oh my... I need one : ) I'm so over that little tomato I inherited from my mom.

Sydney Susannah said...

that is the cutest thing ever! i love him! how did you make that! ok well work was fun today. hope you have fun watchin gossip girl tonight!!! :)

homemade grits said...

Thanks for reminding me! Glad you like it...

Thanks again Syd!

homemade grits said...

Thanks Arlynn! I too have an inherited tomato pincushion.

Mario said...

Love this. I am looking forward to having more craft time post-wedding.