Sunday, March 15, 2009

Oh Crafty Day!

I am very lucky to have a crafty husband (read: Magnolia Leather Works %20 off sale), who doesn't mind going to Joann's on a rainy sunday. It was there that I made future crafty plans and withheld my efforts of a project a day. I can't go too much in to this project until a later date, although I can tell you I finished it much to my satisfaction and I only had to use the seam ripper once!. Here's a tease:

Uh huh that's right. That's my sewing machine. Thank you youtube for helping me get that blasted thing threaded. I'm a little rusty, but it was kinda like riding a bike.

As far as my status is concerned I am feeling much better about life. It's amazing what a few days (and two days off) can do for your mental state. I was very fortunate to have a sweet visit from my Kate who is soon to be a married woman. See below.

She brought me iced coffee and the sweetest birthday gift. Those Kiefer girls sure have my number. I can't wait to show you the beautiful necklace I received from Claire!

Charley Harper salt and pepper shakers. Kate also got me the neatest table butter dish from Le Creuset.

The butter crock keeps soft, fresh butter ready to spread for 3-5 days. Love it!

I can't wait to show you my newest accessory supplied by Sam Graham...

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