Friday, March 13, 2009

A project a day...

I've been really wanting to embrace my crafty side and I tend to get overwhelmed by wanting to try all these different things at once. In an effort to simplify, I'm trying to conquer one a day.

Here's a craft that doubles as an organizer and also repurposes! Take that Martha!

I have started supplementing formula with Matilda after some long heart to hearts. I was feeling so worn down from constantly pumping. We are using Earth's Best Organic formula due to a recommendation from Jessie. We really like it and it comes in these huge tins, which were perfect for repurposing:

I covered the tin with black construction paper, used a post card left over from a craft show and labeled it with "stamp". I then covered it with modge podge matte finish. All of my ink pads and stamps will live here.

One project down, 345656656 to go!

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Anonymous said...

that's so funny we just turned one of ours into a peggie bank for logan. JX