Thursday, March 26, 2009


Sam and I have become increasingly aware of how much we depend on the government to provide for us. Quite frankly we want to become more independent. Take that. We are making small changes slowly to make this happen. We also realize that we consume more than our fair share. This week we put dimmers in our bedroom and dining room, which to my sensitive eyes is a dream come true. We are also going to be planting a container vegetable garden this weekend and setting up a rain barrel. We spent last weekend cleaning up our existing garden which was overrun with leaves and weeds.

One more look at the Akebia blooming. Mmmm mmmm mmmm.

Sam repaired the gate we set up for Guinness.

Guinness investigating a future project.

Matilda's hand/eye coordination is getting better and better. Here she is with her bunny.

If you're in the southeast, enjoy this refreshing rain that is pouring itself out for our tender plants.

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Kate said...

i want to jump in that picture and kiss her head!

Amy Matthews said...

Lesley, Matilda is beautiful!!!! and i'm so glad y'all are raising her in the hopes that she will appreciate the small and simple.