Friday, April 10, 2009

Homemade baby food, y'all

So, Miss M just recently started eating solids. We had been using the organic frozen baby food and canned food available at your nearest health food section. Anyhow, stuff ain't cheap. I did a little basic math. Here goes. So, one jar of the fancy smancy baby food is 79 cents. Til eats 2 jars (one fruit one veg) 2-3 times a day. Making my own baby food, I spent about $10 on produce yielding approx. 88 CUBES!

That's a $70 savings! Need I go on.

The best way to tackle homemade baby food is to do it all at once. Get the kitchen nice and dirty and be done with it.

First steam, cook, or bake the food (depends on what you're making). I followed the instructions on the bag of frozen green beans.

Then place the food in a blender or fancy smancy baby food maker, add a little of the cooking liquid and then puree.

I then poured the puree in to the ice cube tray. A baby spoon actually worked great for spooning in the food.

Then let cool, cover in plastic wrap and stick in the freezer.

After the cubes are frozen pop them in to a ziplock bag, label them, and they are good for about 6 weeks!

For more info check out Wholesome Baby Food.

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anonymously chic said...

oh wow, i am so impressed, this looks like a lot of work. i bet matilda loves it!

bonjouritsjinah said...

This is so neat!!! And sounds surprisingly simple. I wonder why more people don't make their own?