Thursday, April 2, 2009


Relationships...complicated boogers aren't they? I feel like relationships of the female variety are especially complicated. Anways, this week I've been missing one relationship more than I can ever begin to say. It's been a year since Mama Lou has been gone from this world. I hope she is having an absolute ball in heaven. They certainly are lucky to have her.

There is not a day that goes by that I don't miss her, regret not talking with her more, regret not taking more trips to visit. My heart is heavy with this sadness. Sadness that Matilda will never meet her.

I promised myself and Mama Lou that I would learn to quilt so that I could teach Matilda. I didn't know I would fall back in love with sewing. It breaks my heart that I couldn't have caught this bug sooner, that I can't pick up the phone to pick her brain or tell her about great websites or fabrics, that we gave away so much of her tools that I would love to use in her honor. C'est la vie. Everything I make is because of her. I love you.

You just never know what will happen. Hold on tight to your loved ones.

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In The Cottage said...

So sweet and beautiful. Have no doubt that Mama Lou is with you all the time, sneaking kisses from little Tilda when you're not looking. You're closer now than ever!

Beyond Blessed in GA said...

I know EXACTLY how you feel. Just know that you are carrying on her legacy, probably in more ways than just sewing!

Rinky Dink Studios said...

Hi Leslie, it's Kat. My mom, Liz, sent me your blog.

Your entry is very touching, and as someone else already said, Lou is with you always and I'm sure she's very proud of you and your work, which is beautiful. I love what you've been making!

This hits home for me also. I, too, just caught the sewing bug and wish I would have gotten into this much sooner. I'm now trying to carry on my Gram's legacy of making Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls, as well as quilting and other sewing crafts.

Love you guys and am keeping you in our prayers. Hope we can keep in touch.


Anonymous said...

I cant believe it has been a year. Tilda will meet her one day and tell her all about mommy sewing all these cool things for her. I love you two soooo much. JX