Monday, May 11, 2009

Girl dates

Do you ever make plans with a new girlfriend and it almost feels like a date? You grill them with important questions, worry about your hair, and hope you don't sound like an idiot!

Well, I had a girl date on friday with this lovely lady on the left. Meet Katie, the cute dress she made for her future no-doubt-darling girl, and that's her husband Franc on the far right. Franc is short for Francisco. Don't you love that?

I also love that he is free stylin' in the fridge next to a Graham household neccesity...whipped cream.

I had such a lovely time with Katie learning all about her exciting and incredibly creative life. She makes things like this:

{Blue Eyed Freckle}

and this:

{her blog}

We met at I.C.E. last fall and then ran in to each other a couple of times and decided we should be friends. Don't you just love new friends? I do. I could tell you all sorts of lovely things about Katie, but then you'd all be jealous I got to spend the afternoon with her.

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Rachel said...

I do love new friends. My husband and I are king and queen of making new friends. I love that headband! And that cute little dress.

katie k said...

oh my gosh I am giddy that you wrote this! I absolutely loved our girl date! I told my husband that even though we were just getting to know each other, it felt like we had been friends forever! You are such a fun, spunky, down to earth, creative, fascinating person. and I can't wait to hang out again:)