Thursday, June 18, 2009

9 months

Say what? My tiny little newborn is no longer a newborn. Matilda is 9 months today and I can't believe it. As the saying goes, it really does fllllllyyyyyyyyyy.

Notes of interest:
-She loves to grab my jewelry and skake it from side to side.
-Matilda gets funnier and funnier. Everyone laughs at her maniacal cackling she does as of late.
-I want to inhale her. I kiss and goose and hug her all day long.
-She's really getting in to water. We're doing a nightly turtle pool session.
-Food is good and she knows it. Fruit is her fave. duh.
-She has several playdates lined up and we're excited about it.
-Sitting is an old hat. Some butt rocking, but no crawling.
-Lots more movement in the crib and some bedfellows like the hippo to keep her company!
-We love her so much.
-Oh yea and the most important...lots of MAMA! yay!

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lindsey said...

sigh..i really wish i was in atlanta so our two loveys could be friends. there is a lot about matilda that reminds me of parker. shes so cute!

down and out chic said...

she gets prettier every day (if that's possible!)