Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Craft of the Day: Men's shirt turned little girl dress

Today's craft of the day has a very lovely guest star. My new friend Katie and I had a craft date where she worked on her Ruby doll helped me sort out my vintage pattern woes. I started a project weeks ago in honor of Father's day. I took one of Sam's old shirts and my cute vintage patterns I got at Lakewood and that's pretty much where it ended. The rigged interfacing snagged in the machine, the tension wouldn't fix, etc. I screamed, I pouted, and then I threw it all in a baggie.


and almost After

I say almost because I couldn't figure out the dern buttonhole feature on my machine. I think it's because the fabric is too thin. I may have to use some cheating moves here people, or just burn the thing. Katie was an absolute saint helping me troubleshoot and persevering when I was soooo over it. She's so cute and pregnant and so ridiculously creative...just check out her blog! I had such a lovely day with her and I can't wait to see your finished doll! xo

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Beyond Blessed in GA said...

How cute! I love reusing stuff to make clothes for my kids!

Last year, I found a great tutorial for a different style of little girls dress from mens dressshirt, it turned out awesome! Very simple, reusing the seams already professionally sewn on the shirt! Let me see if I can find the link...Here it is:

You might also like, she has lots of great tutorials for adorable girls clothing, i've made all mine from scraps and old clothes from our closets!

I love to see your projects! Thanks for posting!

katie k said...

aw Leslie! I am glad to know that you still like the dress, and AREN'T going to give up on it! I am so excited to see it on Matilda one day too! And I had so much fun at your house the other day, thanks for letting me hang with you and Matilda! I will post the photo of my ghetto doll soon:)