Thursday, June 4, 2009


I have the world's cutest friends. 

exhibit a:

exhibit b:

exhibit c:

I know I know. They're amazingly adorable. Kathleen and I had coffee while Kristina had blueberry tea (so her don't you think?). We laughed, I cried, we talked about everything under the sun and it was so wonderful to catch up. God has truly blessed me with amazing girlfriends. Thank You.

Check out Kristina's beautiful ring that she made and her blog!

{beehives and bird's nests}

Me and my girl...

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down and out chic said...

you do have the cutest friends and the cutest family and the cutest baby (can i include myself in the friends?):)

anna burns said...

i love that last picture of you and matilda!

kristina dutton said...

omg, so the first picture of me is TERRIBLE. haha sorry im not very photogenic! and it was so good seeing you the other day! we def have to make that a pretty normal routine! and i LOVED that tea! is it that celestial brand? i wanna buy some!

lindsey said...

hey. i dont have your friend kates info but i wanted you to pass this along to her.

such a cute website.

homemade grits said...

a. chris...not only are you in that category, but you are one of my oldest!i have a wedding in athens in sept!

b. i love that i caught her looking at me. makes me tear up a bit.

c. it is not terrible. it's stinkin cute as crap and yes it is celestial seasonings..very blueberry

d. i'll pass it on!

Kristina said...

def purchased that tea today at target! in fact, there is a picture of it on my blog. hah