Monday, June 1, 2009

I.C.E. Spring Edition

Saturday we went to I.C.E. bright and early. Truth...I wanted the swag bag. Happy to report I got one. The sun came out to play and it had a field day on my white skin. It was quite toasty. There were so many beautiful booths, I'll give you my favorites. The best part of the day was running in to some folks. It was lovely to meet you Brandi! I also got to see Jinah, Kate and Andy, Bethany and Fredo, Sally and Chris (we lost you somehow!), Christy and Ashley, and I'm sure I forgot someone! Rachel met us up there which was such a treat! We had Ted's for lunch. Mmmmmmm.

I bought several cards from her. Some faves:

My favorite card is not in her shop. It says, "Some people make me want to throw up." Funny, right?

Rachel is someone I met at Anthropologie and she is a total trip! So creative and fun. I bought a giftie for a friend...

She had some amazing terrariums with moss, rocks, and tiny gnomes. Looked like this:

{Blithe's Garden}

Support your local crafters!

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Anonymous said...

love the way you dress...
is that make sense ?!

traduction :
j'adore la façon dont tu t'habilles !


Rachel Kay said...


That makes perfect sense, Lesly is a fashionista(translation?)! We miss you in the states.

Love, Rachel

B said...

It was SO wonderful to see you too!!! It was a blast! And I loved Handmade Charlotte - I wanted to get Stella some bloomers. I'll have to wait till she gets a tad bit bigger.

Anonymous said...

héhéhé Rachel !

I knew it !
Lesley is a great source of inspiration !

miss you too !