Saturday, June 20, 2009

Impossibly Hip

I first took notice of Sid Mashburn's self titled men's store after noticing the impeccably dressed men that work there. They are always dressed to the nines. Every time I see them I of each please (not the boys, the clothes). I wish I could afford to buy all Sam's clothing there. Yum. He did get an undershirt and adorable green striped boxers for Father's day, along with an amazing vest. ifidosaysomyself.

{GQ stylish men of the year}

Sid himself rang me up. The store is a mix of old and new. Vinyl on the speakers, Ray Bans, Preppy meets hipster. Tailor made clothing amidst deer heads and the clientele was a mix of good ole boys, hoity toities, and young trendy types. Quite a show.

I'm really into sharp dressed men.

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Anonymous said...

Tu es superbe sur cette photo et sam aussi...

joli couple !


lindsey said...

i loooooove sid. he is the nicest man. i want him to be my husband. he hes six daughters. sigh. i just love him.

oh. and his clothes too.

katie k said...

ohh you guys look so good in that last photo. beautiful. and I love the style of those mens clothes. My husband likes them too. wish we could afford such things!

Nearing Novelty said...

I'm really into that necklace you're wearing. Gorgeous!

bonjouritsjinah said...

I love Sid Mashburn!! Every time I'm on that side of town I make a mental note that I should drop by Sprout. But it's usually after hours. And I don't have a babby so I feel weird.

Slowly catching up on your blog!