Thursday, June 11, 2009

So, I made Lemonade

Keely and Rach met me after work for a little Taqueria. If you haven't been you're really missing out. Cheapest, most delicious tacos in town. The marguaritas, salsa trio, and guac are fantastic. My favorite taco is the fried chicken. Tadow! We walked around the 'hood afterwards. It was lovely. Congratulations on your new job Keely!!

stay tuned for a baby announcement...

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down and out chic said...

you know we recently got the same taqueria a block down from my house! the fish tacos are my fave.

Rachel Kay said...

omg christina, the fish tacos are the JAM. i have them at least twice a week. fish, huh? are you a fish and pepperoni vegetarian now?