Thursday, August 20, 2009

Current Obsession: School house design

originally when i started decorating matilda's nursery, i began with a schoolhouse theme. it evolved in to it's own room, the theme getting lost in my wanting to include everything little thing that made me happy and felt like love to envelope my little til. i still love love school house elements and will one day incorporate them in some way. sam refuses to paint the office, but since we may be retiring here i may have to get him to change his tune...

{a merry mishap}

love these chairs.

{black dog salvadge}

to light the office.

{poetic home}

the roll down maps are dripping with history and warmth. i love them. so jealous britt!

{14 feet}

and of course no school house would be complete without a chalkboard. love this frameless design.

{apartment therapy}

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Anonymous said...

There is an antique shop in downtown Chamblee that I've seen old roll down school maps and other types of old school items. You might want to check it out