Thursday, September 17, 2009

birthday wishes

the xayasengs weren't able to make it for tilda's party, so we had a party of our own today. v.i.p. i'm so lucky to have a friend like jessie and you know i love mugging on logan. these pictures are a little blurry...still learning!

matilda's "cake." avocado, tomatoes, and nanners. so cute!

we made a wish.

picnic time.

after opening the sweetest presents from jessie and christy, the party really started.

© copyright homemade grits


Anonymous said...

We had a blast!!!! Love you guys. Logan X

hiking in stilettos said...

Oh my. Logan is sooooooo soooooo cute. I just can't get enough of him! Happy Birthday to the beautiful Miss Til!! xoxo

syazwi-aljabri said...

Is Matilda birthday is on 17 September? if yes, she shares the same date with me! Baby Birthday is the cutest thing ever!

Happy Birthday Matilda!