Thursday, September 10, 2009

months one and two

i had this great idea this morning to write each day about the months leading up to matilda's first birthday. if only i had started 11 days before. don't you hate when that happens, good ideas that are past their prime? alas, there will be some bundling.

i remember being so fatigued this time last year, waiting for and hoping for the delivery of my sweet child. nothing could have prepared me for how miraculous that day was. the air had juuust started to cool after an extremely warm summer (you pregnant girls had it so good this year). i had decided along with sam and my doctor to be induced. i was so afraid and deliriously excited about meeting her.

matilda's hospital bag.

our family pre-matilda. can't even picture it. what did we do with our time?

the day matilda was born was so sweet. i'll save that story for now.

coming home from the hospital. i was terrified to strap you in. i held the car seat on the ride home, as well as my breath.

the amazing sign christy made for us.

the first two months were just that: "firsts." learning how to be a mother, not sleeping much and not caring, being surrounded by family and friends (kinda exhausting but wonderful), becoming more and more independent.

for people who don't remember how big my nose got.

we loved having you sleep on our chests and you were always there to help me with my blogging.

october was bittersweet. we were falling more and more in love with you, and we lost sam's daddy, mr. sam. we travelled with you to mississippi. you were a perfect, adaptable creature. you stayed in your first hotel. it was hard, but you were exactly what your daddy and i needed and i think God and mama lou had a talk about that.

our favorite annual fall party at the krezels. i love this time of year, and i think you do too!

here you are at one month old. you were so alert and non-newborn looking. everyone always said that, but looking back i see what they mean.

at two months you were sleeping in your crib.

you had your first halloween. we went to see daddy at work.

we celebrated at barb's and you got to meet jessica for the first time.

you went to heflin for the first time. it was wonderful.

here we are as a family, look how tired we look! we were just getting to know you...

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esther lee said...

You have such a beautiful little family.

I especially like your last picture. Tired or not.

What a Blessing!

Kate Kiefer said...

makin me cry!

Rachel Kay said...

totes... tears in the cube.

katie k said...

she was so tiny in her carseat! and I can't believe the nose, you look like atotally different person there! so funny:) looks like she had a busy first 2 months!