Tuesday, September 15, 2009


i've been focusing on what isn't right instead of what is. an icky girl day where things aren't just so and i feel like i'm not lovable, worthy, etc. so, in a lovely gesture from my heavenly Father i was given a glimpse of a hummingbird drinking up the goodness of our fully revived lantana, a brief window between downpours to run in to home depot with mama and til to grab a few plants, and a nice phone chat with a good friend. i also received our new, begging-to-be-explored camera.

birthday party sneak peek.

my subjects

our garden over-groweth.

after finally figuring out the manual focus, things got a little clearer. literally.

© copyright homemade grits


Kate Kiefer said...

great pictures, and matilda's hair looks straight-up red! i love you!

katie k said...

ew its so fun getting a new camera! these look great! sorry i had to go so fast yesterday... she was fussing for the la leche. can't wait to hang next week!

Monkey Said Bear said...

Wow! What a great Camera. And great shots!!

esther lee said...

It's so good to let him speak Truth in to our lives. I tend to focus on the negative a lot and moments like the hummingbird moment are special!

Anonymous said...

why didn't you tell me how many black heads I've got on my nose!!?? sheesh!

-guess who