Thursday, October 22, 2009


well, it was pretty chilly, but it's warm again. typical georgia weather. we've been particularly busy these days, hardly a moment to sit still. matilda has been getting more teeth and drooling like a mad-baby. she also learned how to stand up in her crib, but can't get back down. it makes me realize how dependent we are on our parents. i still am. i don't know what sam and i would do without my parents.

the inspiration for my garden...always. i love this little community near our neighborhood. it is so beautiful. reminds me of europe. i need to travel. neeeed it.

i took matilda to the park for the second time. she loved the swing! she laughed every time i pushed her. i love this little girl.

a tiny hat for a little friend. birthdays all around!

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Christy Cummings Harrison said...

Girl, you are rockin that new camera! Love your photos!!! And can I just say:

1. The Graham's will all be greatly missed on Saturday. Boo.

2. I would LOVE nothing more than to meet up at a park near you for a little swing action and girl talk.

3. Jack's having a cowboy birthday... And that gets me thinking about how we're going to need to commission that cap-gun holster from Sambo in the near future!!!

Miss You.

lindsey said...

i knew that matilda would loooove the swing. parker goes crazy. she cries when i take her out. anyway, cant wait to see you sooooon. xo

esther lee said...

LOVE this little neighborhood. I'm bookmarking it!

Margot said...

matilda is wearing the poncho!! hooray! miss you girls...i'm trying to get to atlanta again with jillsey for some gardening in a few weeks. will keep you posted! :)

katie k said...

need to get that book so i can make one of those cute hats! and matilda looks gorgeous.

Kate said...

I've happened upon your beautiful blog through blog surfing - I love it!

I also love that garden - fabulous. My husband & I live in Alpharetta but are looking to move to Marietta - can you tell me where that is??


jasmine said...

ugh. she is so cute. those photos of her are beautiful! and that little hat is so cute. what a sweet little gift!