Tuesday, November 17, 2009


my affair with vintage has been lifelong. i've always loved old things, imperfect pieces of furniture, anything sparkly with a story. i've tried to incorporate the old with the new in our home.

matilda with an old, loved bunny from our beloved mary.

i hope that matilda will inherit the same love for the old that both sam and i have. he favors military paraphernalia, while i prefer baubles. apples oranges.

all of these pieces have some sort of story, although some are only "vintage-inspired."

christmas is slowly making its way in to our home. isn't he delightful?? i found him at one of my favorite stores.

one of my newest treasures is this metal basket perfect for housing some of my crafty things.

matilda's winter coat, a purchase made by grammy before she was even conceived. i just love it.

i dream of owning a store that sells only vintage school supplies. i love them that much. this is sam's chicken. i wanted a lovely list of milk and eggs. here's to keeping it real. that old piggy bank was a gift from sam's father to his mother when they were engaged. they had to fill it up before they got married. isn't that sweet?

above most things i love vintage items for children. how great is this babar alphabet with yellow metal frame? this was a birthday gift to matilda from brittany. it's a treasure. there is also a collection of vintage ceramic wall hangings from jessica and her mama, and a collection of old band-aid tins from sam's parent's house.

i'm getting in to making ornaments. here's my first...

where are your go-to places for vintage treasures?

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Rachel Kay said...

great post, love.

Erin said...

So you. I love all of it. You are so talented and make such a lovely and unique home. :)

Casey and Jamie Wood said...

Love Star Provisions! I discovered it when the hubby and I went to dinner at Bacchanalia. I passed through it in route to the restroom... I'm sure hubby was about to send out a search party for me.

Shahrzad Baber said...

where did you get the turquoise long beaded necklac with big pink beads???? i am in LOVE with it!!!!

homemade grits said...

shaz- i got that at anthro. it really is so pretty:)

katie k said...

love the old too. so much. so much. I hav boxes of antique/vintage decor that I am scared to put out with the new baby (don't want it too fall, etc). one day... anyway, you would die and go to heaven in Salt Lake City. Our church has this chain of thrift stores called D.I and it is cheaper than goodwill, and FULL OF THE MOST AWESOME vintage stuff--furniture, fabrics, etc because old people that have lived there forever donate it all the time. I miss that place so much. oh how I miss D.I.

Pat said...

About vintage school supplies...
I collected some for my new computer room. I call it my "little red schoolroom". I decorated it with practically all teaching/school items. Being a teacher I guess it's in my blood. I'm particularly drawn to the 50's-60's era - probably because those were my childhood years.