Tuesday, December 1, 2009

coker tree farm

sam and i decided to go all paul bunyan this year by going to a tree farm...this one to be exact. according to my country living this month, cutting down a tree from a farm and then recycling it is the most eco-friendly holiday option. we went with a cypress because i love the grinchy look they have.

sam did an amazing and swift chopping down of the tree! (they provided everything: saw, supplies for tying the tree to the top, net, etc)

the kids jumped right in, grabbed the tree from sam and got everything ready, while this sweet little thing brought us candy canes and an ornament.

don't you just love supporting a family Christmas tree farm? the best part is, all of this produces one of my favorite images of the Christmas season:


© copyright homemade grits


*plum*tree*studio* said...

how fun!!! what a great trip that would be...too bad we bought a faux tree five years ago. boo.

bunnie said...

doing this next year! it would make hubby feel like clark w. griswald:-) loves it!