Monday, December 21, 2009

handmade christmas: cookies in a jar

when thinking of edible gifts to give each year (for neighbors, co-workers, friends), i always want to do something different and fun. when i first saw these "cowboy cookies" on bakerella, i filed it away just for this occasion. i had never heard of cookies in a jar (all of the dry ingredients are jarred and then mixed later with wet ingredients that folks have on hand). i thought it was genius. although we all love getting treats, i thought this was a great way to give them and then allow the cookies to be made and enjoyed on their terms. wouldn't these make for a good cheat day after the first of the year?

i wanted to personalize them, so i used some flashcards that didn't make the garland cut and used both first and last initials. (i only had one of each letter, so i had to mix things up.) i followed bakerella's fabulous guide with the size of fabric to use and then tied with bakers twine. she included printable instructions (thanks!), which i cut out and placed on top of stiff felt.

here's a nice rear few. speaking of rear views. today i was wearing my robe and i caught myself in the mirror and had a flashback of that special k commercial, where the mom is bending over and the kids like, "santa?" yea. help!

sam was a huge help in getting these all filled and ready to go. it was kind of like doing sand art. just to be on the safe side sam and i made a batch just to make sure they were ok. yea. they're real good. cheers!

tip: i put the nuts on top, so that if people weren't big nut fans they could just scoop them out!

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bunnie said...

loves it!

bonjouritsjinah said...

Yummy! I wish I had gotten my craft on earlier this season to whip up some goodies like this!