Monday, December 28, 2009

what are you doing new years...

my parent's gorgeous tree

ah, it's that time of year. the dust has settled after a flurry of opening presents, festive parties, and gorging ourselves on all things decadent. i've been beating my self up contemplating this year and thinking about all of the things i would love to see/do in 2010 (daunting isn't it?). although, we all tend to break our resolutions at some point, i continue to make them. what's that quote about goals and measuring progress? whatever. here are my resolutions for the new year:

-i would love to spend more time in the garden this year. i always get really excited to see the tiny green knobs rear their little heads and then my excitement wanes. here's to being more consistent...wait is that another resolution?

-i want to learn so much about cooking/baking. i've been trying new recipes and i love being in the kitchen. i want to learn about flavor, and herb combinations (which taste best with what foods, etc). so much to learn!

-with more cooking comes more eating, which means someone ahem needs to exercise. yea. i know.

-i want to worry less and pray more and with that said, i want to make a conscious effort to memorize scripture.

-i want to travel. i have great plans to visit some wonderful friends here and relax here.

-i want to write notes. real notes. on paper.

- i have some secret goals.

-i want to be more like this sweet person:
on Christmas eve, sam had to leave our family party early because matilda wouldn't take a nap that day and let's just say she wasn't a happy camper. i came home later that evening to find sam less than excited. he had gotten a phone call from a dear neighbor telling him that the power had been turned off and everything in the deep freeze at his parents house had spoiled. i racked my brain over and over and remembered cleaning it out, but alas we did not. sam and i were planning a trip to mississippi when we got a phone call from another neighbor saying that she would take care of it. we told her we would pay her, and we couldn't feel more relieved. we didn't hear from her and then sunday night she called telling us that the freezer was salvageable and that she had taken care of everything. she even put some things in the freezer to absorb the odor. when we asked her how much we could pay her, she told us how much she loved mama lou and that she wanted to just bless us. just bless us, and that she did. our eyes filled with tears.

do tell. do you make resolutions?

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