Monday, January 25, 2010

organizing craft supplies

i searched the internet over for organization inspiration and this is what i came up with for my sewing nook (ie corner of my bedroom). i had junk all over the place and now i feel like a calm woman who just wants to stare at the peacefulness that is now my crafting zone. we began with this:


this picture is all i could find, but it was basically my sewing table covered in a big ole mess and nothing else. we ended up going to ikea (on a saturday...oh the horror!). sam told me he'll never do that again. we felt like cows being herded amongst plastic furniture and we were surrounded by tons of people, they were testing out beds (gross) and sitting in chairs, and running in to us with their carts. have i painted a lovely picture for you? i would equate the people watching to that of a state fair or a mcdonald's playground or even the airport. to.the.point.


oh quiet serenity. i got the turquoise boxes on sale at joanns.

i separated my felt and fabric scraps and also my notions and stamps. look at the labels! one of my greatest joys in life is a good label. i put all of my buttons and thread and floss in to glass jars. i like using ball jars and vintage jars. i think the trick with using an abundance of ikea is to counteract it with vintage, personal belongings, to create an eclectic look. the last thing i want is for my house to look like an ikea showroom. i'm sure you can agree.

we got the wire that i wrote about here for clips of inspiration and to show off sweet notes. the bottom rod showcases my scissor collection.

we also picked up some clear plastic bins for my fabric. so much easier to stack and sort. those will hide out of sight in our chiffarobe.


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ed and brooke said...

Your craft room looks amazing! Where did you get your shelves though?

little by little said...

I just love this....and am inspired to continue on my own organizing journey. Miss you.

Casey and Jamie Wood said...

Love! I'm trying to get my crafts in order as well. I'm using your nook as inspiration.

Claire Kiefer said...

I am absolutely amazed at your organization skills. You should sell your services. I would literally pay you a handsome hourly wage to organize my room. What do you think about flying to California? ;)

homemade grits said...

ed+brooke--the shelves are from the glorious ikea!

britt--miss you too! call me:)

casey and jamie--what a compliment!

claire--that sounds, cali, and organizing! love you!

lauren b. said...

it's heaven in corner.

katie k said...

um, don't think i am copying you when you see my room, cause mine is redone too, and kinda looks like yours! though i don't have those great wire baskets.... i am posting mine soon! and i agree about the plastic bins, a neccesary evil when it comes to fabric. i love it!! and doesn't it feel so much better when you sit down to craft??? i feel so happy now that i have shelves...

bonjouritsjinah said...

Hooray! This looks fantastic!

And well, my living room and kitchen look like an Ikea showroom. I don't know how it happened as all the pieces were purchased over the course of four years. Oh well, atleast it matches. Or something.